Tamara's Wholistic Wednesday Aug 1, 2018

Tamara's Wholistic Wednesday Aug 1, 2018

Wholistic Wednesday ~ The Human Energetic Field Series Pt. 5

The Etheric Template Body

This is the 5th subtle energy body of the human energy field. This auric layer holds the blueprint or template of all that exists on the physical plane, except on the template level itself. The etheric template field is an empty space and is described as like a negative of a photograph. There is nothing in the background with blue energy lines that pulse through the field creating a grid like structure upon which your physical body grows. This is the creative matrix from which physical form takes place. You can think of it as your personal quantum field. It holds the highest potential for physical expression as a human being.

The etheric body of the human energy field derives its blueprint structure from the etheric template body. Remember the etheric subtle energy body precedes the physical body and has a great influence on the physical. If you want to affect your physical form its not so much about clearing the etheric template as it is reconnecting with it. Within the template is the sacred geometry that exist in all things. Connecting into this energy layer can influence your reality as it also enables all of your higher levels of subtle energy bodies to express the highest potential. One way to connect to this subtle energy body is through sound as it correlates to the throat chakra. The vibration of the etheric template body is sound and sound creates matter. It is said that there is a song that exists within you. A sound that was created when you were created as a soul. 

Sit quietly and go deep within. Connect to your heart center and your soul. Listen intently. What sound do you hear? Do you feel a vibration? As you begin to express this sound and/or vibration you will connect to your etheric template body. Your energy grid will be activated and the sound vibrations will begin to take form. Explore this part of yourself and see what shows up as your highest potential.